The Reinvention Challenge

I’ve been a big fan of reinventing for a long time. To reinvent something is a nice challenge which is not too stressful and it can yet create something totally new to make our world a better place.

I first started to challenge myself to reinvent things. One of the known reinventions of a workplace and social community is the Office Nomad – Toimistonomadi concept.

At some point I started to give these challenges to other people too. Some have accepted the challenge and some people have solutions already.

I will now start to list some of these Reinvention Challenges. Hopefully they will be useful for further developing new disruptive solutions.

If you wish to be challenged, come and talk to me about something that is your expertise. Maybe I will come up with your very own Reinvention Challenge.

Some featured challenges – click the links to read more

Miikka Leinonen: Reinvent THE BOOK

Juha Pohjola: Reinvent THE POSTER

Janne Saarikko: Reinvent THE BUSINESS CARD


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