Current main activities

Creator of Firsts at www.jannesaarikko.com

Commercialization at Natural Resources Institute Finland

Lead Director, Global Food Ecosystems Accelerator at The Founder Institute

Head of Think Tank at Harppaamo, the think and do tank for the food ecosystem

Recent, but previous activities:

Communications Partner at KIRA-digi

Founder & Office Nomad at Officenomad.org

Lead Director, New Nordic & Finland Chapters at The Founder Institute

About Janne

Janne Saarikko is a multifaceted entrepreneur, a marketing strategist and visionary, a creator and builder of new businesses and innovations, and an explorer of future living. Based in Helsinki, Finland, he works, speaks, coaches and writes all around the world, always meeting interesting people and projects. Janne has extensive international experience and network from several industries.

Janne is passionate about everything he does. His interest include branding, marketing,  PR, social media, future of society, people and organisations, new concepts of work, unique business models, design & style, slow movement and many others. In his pastime he spends time with his family, makes great food and coffee, tries to revive old sports habits and enjoys slow life at the summer cottage.

Many roles make a unique combination

Janne the Office Nomad practices what he preaches. After creating the Office Nomad – Toimistonomadi concept for himself in 2009, he has been nomadic in large number of companies. He is currently also helping other people start officenomadism and consults companies in setting up Office Nomad hosting.

Janne the Marketing Strategist is working with challenging marketing solutions for many types of companies from startup concepts to public organisations, NGOs and big multinationals. During his career Janne has worked with with hundreds of customers in need of top-notch solutions. Janne is passionate about combining analytics and creativity in marketing to form new value propositions.

Janne the Entrepreneur has founded or co-founded and led several companies in the past. He is focusing on new business ventures, coaching startup companies and supporting business angels and venture capitalists in his areas of expertise. Janne also acts an an advisory for a number of companies and projects looking for international breakthrough.

Janne the Editor founded the Design Finland – Finnish Design web publication in 2005, and since then he has been developing the site to serve thousands of readers around the world. Besides the publication, Janne has been involved in helping various design and fashion projects in their marketing and commercialization.

Janne the Speaker is an increasingly popular speaker and panelist on topics such as new marketing, social media strategies, digital marketing, future of work, unique business strategies, better society, differentiation, brand marketing and weak signals. Janne confronts his audiences in Finnish, English and Swedish.

Janne the Coach helps individuals and organizations in being better with people. If you need to get better in confronting large audiences or media, Janne is your coach. 100s of international appearances and 1000s of people coached for media interviews, pitching and professional speaking opportunities makes a combination that makes both the content and presentation of your important message alive.

Janne the Writer has been a top-rated blogger and has contributed to over 1000 blog articles since 2005. Currently he blogs about business, design, startups, marketing, business transformation and future of work.

The best way to engage with Janne is through various social media channels or meeting him in person. More information through Contact page.

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