Janne Saarikko: Reinvent THE BUSINESS CARD


Janne Saarikko: Reinvent THE BUSINESS CARD

This has been my personal challenge to myself. I’ve been using business cards actively for over 25 years, and I have piles and piles of them. Nowadays I rarely use them.

I challenged myself to reinvent the business card.

Phase 1: This is not an easy task, thus I needed to force myself away from the old. I stopped using business cards. I started telling people that I don’t have business cards to exchange and I told them my name. There were clear problems with remembering my name and spelling. Not good.

Phase 2: Is a physical form. A tiny and good looking card that has my name and that one thing I want to be remembered for. So, in my case “Janne Saarikko” and “I Create Firsts”. After that the process moves online – people are expected to Google me or go to LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to look me up.

Check out the video and feel free to comment on the development. This needs to be evolved even more…

Now testing phase 2, let’s see. 😉