Miikka Leinonen: Reinvent THE BOOK


Miikka Leinonen: Reinvent THE BOOK

Presented to Miikka while talking about his book Melt. The problem with books, especially non-fiction books is that people do not have the time or attention span to read long texts and entire books. I challenged Miikka to reinvent the format of book. How to convey the same messages as a book does but in a better format or method?

Miikka may have reinvented the book, at least partially.  This is what he has said about reinventing the book:

A book is not a material object. It’s a service, maybe even a startup company. And the publisher is like a startup incubator. Only the first chapter of my book is out at this stage – it’s the printed item. Eventually, my book will be a series of content items and tools. The entire entity was planned in slide format, and I will be publishing slide sets, tools, blog posts and eventually applications. I hope to be able to transform my “book” into a community that would produce more content and knowledge.

We, the people, are lazy and demanding. We want everything to be as easy and quick as possible. My task as an author is to disassemble the content in such small bite size that comprehension of the whole is not too hard for anyone.

Check out what The Melt looks like.