Can’t we all just be friends?


Can’t we all just be friends?

January 8, 2015 In English Media Uutiset 0

Sad things happen in this world almost daily. Yesterday was a very sad day for France. My deepest condolences to the families of the deceased ones.

I don’t like some of the reactions I see to this event. Even though killing should be always condemned, getting back to revenge with any type of show of power is never the right thing to do. Response to these actions should never be a counterattack, especially when it is extended towards larger group of people.

If a common law is broken, the law should take care of the punishment.

Besides the laws, I strongly believe that we should be naive and try to be friends with each other, no matter what.

We should not be offended if anyone mocks something important to us. We should never try to harm people even though we think they are wrong. Let them think what they think, say what they want and behave how they want. Unless they break the law. Then they should be punished accordingly.

If someone offends me, I probably try to correct what was said. But I will not take any countermeasures. I just look the other way. Ignoring someone is the best way to stop harassment.

For the Paris case this means that the killers should be punished according to the laws, but we shouldn’t fight back by adding the amount of provocation, just to “revenge”. For people who get offended for mocking the prophet, just look away. Away from the sight is away from the mind. I’ve been told there are places where Allah can’t see.

Peace and friendship.


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