What if I did it 33 times?


What if I did it 33 times?

December 16, 2012 33 ways 1

I have a personal challenge of being passionate about several things. There are so many things I would like to do or at least try to do. Since my personal capabilities don’t allow me to work on all the things I’m interested in, I need to try to figure out something else. I think 33 might be the solution.

Doing something only a limited number of times would set an end to each project and it would enable a clean, good start for the next one.

What to do 33 times? I could cook 33 dinners, bake 33 breads, visit 33 restaurants. Maybe interview 33 artists and introduce 33 design items. Someone might have interest in analysis on 33 startup companies or 33 different sports. 33 ways to tie a knot, 33 custom bicycles or 33 dream houses. 33 Office Nomad companies, 33 new occupations or 33 unforeseen marketing ideas. 33 of anything.

So what? 33, no big deal? I believe there is a deal. I guess there are many other people than me who would like to do the same thing. It’s just not possible for them. I could share my experiences in a blog that will have 33 blog posts on the topic. Maybe someone would like to read about my experiences and findings? In form of video, a book or some other media.

What do you think? 33 ways to do things differently.

Do you dig it?


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  1. Hi Janne – Interesting perspective in limiting something new. When we look at taking on a new activity I don’t think many think of an exit strategy, for lack of a better term. Once again, you have got me thinking…


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