RFE – a business metric we’ve been missing?

There are lot of dilemmas in creating a functional, reliable, versatile and easy to implement metrics. Many of the “old school” business metrics are measuring everything on “how much revenue it creates” or with metrics such as Return on Investment (ROI). This often dooms many new type of activities, where the activity is not creating additional sales at all. In marketing, such activities are often called “brand building” or “awareness creation”, and the metrics comes as one figure in brand surveys. Sometimes the argument says “this cannot be measured”.

We came up with the idea of metric called RFE (Return From Ecosystem). RFE would be a metric that can be set as an numeric objective for number of business and marketing activities and measured to see how various activities contribute to RFE.

February 2, 2011 0

Transformable sofa by Tapio Anttila

Tapio Anttila is an experienced designer with strong background in furniture design. Thanks to a recommendation by one of our Facebook page readers, we went to visit Pedro stand at Habitare.
Some of the interesting parts was a sofa that transforms easi…

September 20, 2010 0

Ivana Trump does a big favor for IVANAhelsinki and Finnish fashion

Ivana Trump, the former model, athlete and ex-wife of Americal business magnate Donald Trump, sued IVANAhelsinki, one of the leading Finnish fashion labels. Mrs. Trump claims that IVANAhelsinki is for “trademark infringement, unfair competition …

September 19, 2010 0


I’ve been thinking about making this move for a long time. Now it’s a good time for it. People have been asking me to tell where they can follow my public contributions on various issues – innovation and creating firsts, marketing, social media, future, business, design, new working methods and officenomadism. It’s quite difficult to…
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September 14, 2010 0

IVANAhelsinki Spring/Summer 2011: Where the Fuck is My Sailor?

Even though we haven’t covered IVANAhelsinki for quite a long time and Paola Suhonen may be studying film making in USA, IVANAhelsinki is still doing great, coming up with new collections and expanding their availability all over the world.
We ha…

August 22, 2010 0

Verkko hukkuu roskaan? Ei hätää, ei dyykata roskiksia.

Viime aikoina mediassa ja verkossa on käyty normaalia enemmän keskustelua verkkokeskustelusta. Mm. HS on miettinyt keskustelujen siistimistä ja filosofi Pekka Himanen verrannut  verkkokeskusteluja vessanseinään. Tietokone-lehden toimi…

March 28, 2010 0