Looking back at 2012 – what are the hot topics for 2013?


Looking back at 2012 – what are the hot topics for 2013?

November 23, 2012 Future of Marketing In English 1

In the beginning of this year, I made a list of hot marketing topics for 2012. Things that I thought are interesting, current and important for those who want to be on the edge. Obviously, I had no idea whether people would start implementing those ideas or not.

I will return to the 2012 topics a bit later, but it’s now time to start looking at the hot marketing topics and trends for 2013.

Since I try to listen to others than myself a bit more I did last year, I better ask you. What do YOU think are the hot items that marketers should be looking at in 2013? What is worth implementing? What are the “on the edge” themes that will make the marketers to be trendy in 2013?

Please comment on this blog post, for my convenience. 😉

Take a look at my 2012 hot topics presentation below

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