September 14, 2010 In English 0

I’ve been thinking about making this move for a long time. Now it’s a good time for it.

People have been asking me to tell where they can follow my public contributions on various issues – innovation and creating firsts, marketing, social media, future, business, design, new working methods and officenomadism. It’s quite difficult to follow all that, I have to admit.

Since it doesn’t make any sense to continue publishing in one location only, I decided to register and setup this site, .

The idea in the beginning is to collect my contributions from different locations into same feed. I will be offering my writings in English and Finnish on this site. And yes, they will be fed from the original sources, so no need to come here if you are reading them at source.

Here’s a current listing of sources:

In English:

In Finnish:

In the future I will be dropping some of these, since they are becoming less important for me.

Also, this site will be covering information on various speaking engagements, presentations and media coverage.


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