Change is imminent – resistance is futile


Change is imminent – resistance is futile

February 28, 2011 Digi Future of Marketing In English Internet Työ & bisnes Työelämä Vapaa-aika 0

February is ending a very exciting 12-month period for me. During the last year, I’ve had an opportunity to work with some great people from several companies all over the world. Even though I’ve “been around” even before this gig, I managed to learn a lot. I will miss many people and hope to keep in touch with them, maybe even work together with some.

Ending this era was pretty much my own decision. I realized already some time ago, that I will need the change. Without change, I would miss the burning passion to create things new and thus would not be me.

But what’s next? For the beginning, I will take some time for myself. I’m planning to catch up with all the people who had been wanting to meet me and who did not get the time from me. There will be time for some leisure travel and sports.

For the future, there are several things planned. My company Ekana Innovation will go through some changes, maybe even a total repositioning. There are also changes in the air for Design Finland – Finnish Design and the Office Nomad concept.

The biggest future change for myself is still to be announced. This is something I’m expecting with great excitement. It will be an incorporation of something old, reaching back almost twenty years, and something new, reaching for a better future. There will be some more news in this front a bit later.

Altogether, the change is imminent. It’s painful and sad to leave the old behind, but there is no way to resist the future and the change it will bring.

Just keep your eyes open. See you around!


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