Rethinking the Phone Number


Rethinking the Phone Number

June 8, 2016 In English marketing Media Mindplay Mobile Social Media 1

I’ve had the same mobile phone number since year 2000. For the past 16 years I have kept my number with me. Something that most people do nowadays. But when can we start doing the same with email addresses and other valuable contact details?

Let’s face it. Personal contact information is one of the most critical things one wants to have and remain. If your contact info is not available for people you communicate with, there will be no communication.

Long time ago, your home or office address was your vital contact info. Then came telephones and eventually mobile phones. After that, our communication has gone all wild, and digital communication methods are becoming more important. Email and all possible digital ways to communicate.

I personally don’t like the concept of mobile home any longer. I have had my phone on silent for years, and I don’t answer any unsolicited numbers. And I know I’m not the only one.

Very few people get added value from mobile phones. Maybe it’s time to stop and come up with new ways of primary communication?

The new preferred way to communicate – the new phone number

Now, it’s quite obvious to think that email is the next mobile phone number. Honestly, I hate email as well. It’s a badly designed version of a written letter, and people are drowning in their emails. I believe email will die within a few years time.

I believe that the next personal communication method will be some of the social networks and their private messaging method. It may be FB Messenger, LinkedIn, Skype or some other still emerging method.

The new preferred way will enable 1-1 and group communication, threading of messages, solicited and unsolicited messaging and easily remembered unique ID, “address” or “number” equivalent.

Maybe someone needs to come up with a new personal address standard, which will then start replacing phone number and email address?






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  1. Hi Janne – I just switched my phone number a few years ago but have “parked” my old number with so I can still get voicemail and text messages to the old number, which I had since 1999. And I still get calls and texts to it, even though my outgoing message has my new number in it.

    Whatever replaces the phone number also needs to be able to “sync” with everyone who would have it.


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