Robotics and 3D Printing Loosing Fame – Virtual Reality Rocks our World


Robotics and 3D Printing Loosing Fame – Virtual Reality Rocks our World

April 15, 2016 Data Future of Marketing In English Media Social Media 0

Our world is full of trends, but what are the most interesting ones with the big masses? I looked at some analytics and compared how popular some technology trends really are. It seems virtual reality really rocks.

Robotics, 3d printing, virtual reality or augmented reality? Looking at the search data provided by Google, It seems that virtual reality is the hottest thing at the moment. There has been rapid growth in the volume of web searches, and VR passed robotics and went easily in the lead during the first months of 2016. During the last 12 months there has been very little growth in other areas.


If we take a look at the search volumes on YouTube, the interest volumes passed the other compared topics already in October 2015. It is quite obvious that virtual reality is a very trendy topic on YouTube, maybe because of the visual nature it has.

All these trends mentioned here are really popular. Loads of content, lot of interest. None of the topics are fading, and there are plenty of activities around all of them. But at the moment, the big masses are into VR.

If I was asked to tell what my opinion about this was, without seeing the data, the answer would have been different. My bet would have gone for robotics.

What trends should should be followed more? What will be the next hot trend in technology?

And most of all, what happened with robotics last June? 😉


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