Your smartphone is my content marketing tool


Your smartphone is my content marketing tool

August 1, 2013 Digi Future of Marketing In English Internet Media Social Media 0

Marketers are talking about content marketing and how important it is to create content that interests them. But the content should be somehow related the business. So marketers end up creating either cool advertising content or trying to crowdsource something that is not really that interesting.

Earlier today i have having an online chat with a friend of mine who works at Scoopshot, a very promising photo sharing startup. I’ve liked Scoopshot idea from the very beginning, since they are solving the problem of people taking amazing photos but not getting them distributed or being ripped off by the media houses.

In our discussion, I learned that the new feature of creating photo tasks and then publishing the task results works surprisingly well.  Why, I started thinking.

And it’s actually quite simple. Let’s look at a few points.

People have their smartphones available. They are taking photos and videos and then sharing them, of course. But since there is so much content that it being shared, it’s just too much. The viewers are looking for curated content, just look at Pinterest.

But who takes care of the content curation for the crowdsourced content? This is where services like Flickr are starting to have issues. This is where marketers could come into the picture. Marketers could curate the content by giving people guidance on what is expected and how should they proceed. With the right topic, this must work.

And why would people share their content in Scoopshot? Because they could earn money. And get their photo published anywhere in the world. And because they have copyright issues sorted out. And because they are being asked to do so!

So I decided to to test this myself.

As you may know, I created the concept of Office Nomad (Toimistonomadi in Finnish), which has become a channel for creating and trying out the methods of new work. Office Nomad topics would be good ones to get people interested.

I created a new task in the Scoopshot service (for free) and asked people to take photos of their current desk or other place of work. I shared that task in couple of social media locations, added the scoopshot widget on this site (yes, top right column) and started writing this post.

I am planning to try this way of engaging with people, so far it seems promising. You can see the results from the right.

Once I’m done with this “desk” topic, the next could be something else related to the concepts of new work or officenomadism.

Am I taking advantage of people by doing this? Not really. I give them interesting topics and some visibility to their photos. Since all photos are for sale, someone may make an extra buck or two for themselves.

Now, keep posting them photos!



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