Smart T-Shirt Designs by Saarikko


Smart T-Shirt Designs by Saarikko

October 20, 2016 Digi Future of Marketing In English Internet marketing Media Social Media startup 4

For several years now, I have created my own T-shirt designs. It started as an experiment, but soon I realised that a smart T-shirt can communicate messages and even work as an icebreaker in various situations.

Increasingly, people have been asking me about the possibility to buy my t-shirts. I’ve always been just laughing about it and told them to do it themselves – it’s not that difficult.

After a long time, I have now decided to start making my smart t-shirts available to order. Since there is a story for each shirt, I will add new shirts as I feel comfortable, trying to write a separate blog post for each shirt.

The shirts are printed and shipped worldwide by Spreadshirt in Germany, a company I have learned to trust both in quality and service during the last 7 years of making business with them.

So, feel free to browse through the shirts, try to get the message they have. Ordering a shirt to yourself or as a present to someone would make me a happy camper!

If you can’t get the message on these shirts, let me know. I’ll be happy trying to explain and share stories on how people react to different shirt.

Don’t just be smart – wear smart! 😉

Go check out the available models here!


4 Responses

  1. Will says:

    Haha, my all time favorite is “I don’t need Google, my wife knows everything”.. hilarious

  2. Xi Xiao says:

    good job Janne! I also do my own T-shirt with messages print on! It is a free service from Espoo libraries 🙂 – Xi Xiao

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