2015 – Did Your Work Change Already?


2015 – Did Your Work Change Already?

January 5, 2015 Future of Marketing In English Social Media Työelämä 0

So, did it happen to you? Got fed up with your job and decided to do something meaningful? Lost your job in a big corporation? Realised that the ability to work from anywhere is here? Want to move to countryside or to a small village in a marina.

These times are best for change. These are the times when doing things off the standard is more acceptable than ever. Before, you were supposed to follow the standard and keep up the appearance to the last bit. Now, people doing their own things and following their passion are being appreciated greatly.

I personally started working around these issues already in 2005, when I left my job in the corporate world and started finding my true self. That was followed by starting my first company in 2006. One of the first highlights was in 2009, when I created the Office Nomad – Toimistonomadi -concept for myself. That was followed by several work-related projects. I went BYOD (bring your own device) in 2005 and excercised that in corporate environment from 2010 until 2014.

Currently I’m working in three very different roles, practice BYOD, practice officenomadism, cooperate in work design projects and work as an pilot platform for the next society occupation (NSO). 

If you feel like changing your work and your life, it’s ok! Just start thinking what you really want to do and start taking small steps towards that. You can start exploring things like remote work, BYOD and flexitime in your current job. If you are an entrepreneur, you don’t really need your own office all the time – maybe being an Office Nomad would help you. Or something totally different…

What would you like to change in your work? What are the small steps that should be different?

Let’s think that together…


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