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How to Do Good Startup Marketing and Get Yourself a Perfect Cappuccino

According to my experience with several hundred startup companies, marketing is not a top quality function in most of them. Marketing is either totally neglected over engineering, R&D, funding, sales and pitching competitions, or marketing is executed by somebody who thinks Marketing101 fully qualifies for full scale market control and world domination. Sometimes this works, most of the time, not. Startup marketing is very, very different from traditional corporate marketing. Startup marketing is very, very different from traditional corporate marketing. Less money, less resources, less rules, less restrictions, less control, less room for failure. Less everything. You can win only by being both analytical and creative at the same time. …

January 14, 2015 0

Your smartphone is my content marketing tool

Marketers are talking about content marketing and how important it is to create content that interests them. But the content should be somehow related the business. So marketers end up creating either cool advertising content or trying to crowdsource something that is not really that interesting. Earlier today i have having an online chat with…
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August 1, 2013 0

Sometime2013-kysely: Sosiaalisen median aktiivit uskovat onnelliseen ja intohimoiseen kansalaisvetoiseen tulevaisuuteen

Suomalaiset sosiaalisen median aktiivit kokoontuivat neljättä kertaa perättäin Espoossa järjestettyyn Sometime-tapahtumaan viime lauantaina. Minulla ja Peter Greenillä oli kunnia pitää tapahtuman päätöspuheenvuoro, jonka päätimme toteuttaa hieman poikkeuksellisesti osallistamalla sekä paikallaolijat että etänä tapahtumaan osallistuvat. Halusimme luoda kyselyn avulla kuvaa tulevaisuuden sosiaalisesta mediasta. Kysely toteutettiin Poll Everywhere -palvelun avulla. Vastauksia kysymyksiin tuli neljästäkymmenestä hieman yli sataan…
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May 21, 2013 5

Is Rovio’s Angry Birds brand already bigger than Disney?

A few years back, early 2010, I had a casual chat with Peter Vesterbacka, who just recently had started to drive Angry Birds marketing towards what it is today. We were chatting about how the world is open for those who have dreams  and are crazy, brave and persistent enough. We also talked about how…
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April 25, 2013 0

Business (r)evolution: Material Meets Immaterial

It’s quite clear that there is a huge transformation happening the the world. This means both local and global businesses, and many business owners and leaders are starting to realize that there is a need to do something different to survive. The ones not understanding this early enough are likely to be in trouble very…
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April 20, 2013 0

Re-inventing media monetization!

Re-Inventing the media monetization! Prove me wrong or use this for your benefit!

March 14, 2013 12