It’s tough to be the window-opener


It’s tough to be the window-opener

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Windows are great. They normally exist for the purpose of letting light through, for viewing what can be found on the other side of the window and sometimes also as a gateway to a new space. Without the windows world would be a dull place.

In the world of business, windows are considered as a gateway to any new opportunity. Timing is an essential thing when entering new through a window of opportunity. If you enter the new space before the window is open, the opportunity might not exist yet. If you try to get in after the window has closed already, you are way too late.

In the world of opportunities, the huge challenge of timing is always discussed. People are trying to understand when the window is open and when not.

Not so many people are trying to open the windows themselves. Why? Waiting outside for the window to open is easy. You just wait, keep looking at the windows and enter it when it’s open.

For some time, I’ve considered myself as a window-opener. I used to keep my eye on the windows and when I noticed they are opening, I jumped in myself or shared the info for other people to use. This resulted in things like Office Nomadism and numerous blog posts, presentations and “what’s gonna happen this year” types of content.

There are enough people doing this at the moment, watching the windows opening. I believe the window on doing that is about to close soon.

I believe the next thing to do is to start opening those windows. If you are opening the window by yourself, you can enter it first, be prepared and lead the way for the others to follow.

From now on I will concentrate on opening the windows instead of watching them. Just watch me do it! And join if you dare…


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